My work is rooted in an investigation of the ways that memory and psychic resonances are deeply embedded in architectural space (more specifically, the spaces we inhabit: making the familiar unfamiliar, something recognizable abstract, and that which was ‘heimlich’ ‘unheimlich.’). Simultaneously, I examine the fluid boundaries between our perception of space and time, creating spaces in the paintings that confound expectations and shift in relation to the viewer’s movement and point of view. I do this through the use of layered patterns, simplified shapes that allude to two-point perspective, color, and the use of materials such as thread, veneer and fabric to further destabilize the categories of the real and the represented.  Inspiration comes from close observation of the details of the architecture built up and falling down around us, and an exploration how we live within it: how we decorate, the repairs we make, the things we neglect, the way the floor angles to meet the wall or how the rug’s pattern inflects or clashes with the wallpaper.

A partial list of things I think about when making my work:

home, ideas of home, meaning of home, interior space, interior decoration, favorite pillows, architecture, modernism, comfort, repetition, pattern, thread, threads, story, history, meaning, embroidery, repetitive tasks, color, choices, favorite colors, holes, voids, destruction, disrepair, deconstruction, loss, shapes, geometry, negative and positive, cataloguing, archives, collecting, representations and misrepresentations of space, flatness, openness, space, spatial constructs, relationships (between objects, spaces, places), the blank page, cut-outs, angles, absence, boundaries, cuts, piles, environment, photography, layers, and overlaps.