Topics and Considerations

As I re-read the journals and letters from the 1844 trip, I am paying attention to the thoughts that come into my mind. What are the questions? Is there a mention of an event or a person that causes me to want to investigate further? At the moment, I’ve come up with this list of topics that stand out as points of comparison between then and now:

Topic Considerations:

  • Political History vs. Political situation now
  • Population (then and now--refugees?)
  • Borders (How they’ve changed: for example Germany then was a confederation of countries and free cities, formally unified into the German Empire 1871, and now the borders are seemingly so open that there is populist backlash against immigrants)
  • Environmental changes (climate change–do the plants that Octavia collected still exist in same locations?)
  • The idea of the monument, souvenir, artifact and archive (visually and conceptually)

Some keywords that might frame or shape the direction of my thinking:

  • Psychogeography
  • Mapping/mental maps
  • Mediated space
  • Perspective
  • Relics
  • The Grid (potentially as a metaphor for rigidity, architecture, edifice)
  • “Gesture of re-enactment”