The Great White Whale is Black

A book I began working on several years ago has been published! In January 2010, I had the great honor of working on an exhibition at The Cooper Union called "The Great White Whale is Black," featuring the work of painter and architect Tony Candido. At the time, we really wanted to put out a catalogue to celebrate the exhibition, but the project grew to include newer work and became an even richer and deeper investigation of Tony's thoughts and teachings. Steven Hillyer (the Director of the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture Archive at The Cooper Union) and I worked with Tony to edit and select the artwork that went into the book, Steven spent many hours condensing pages and pages of interviews, and I figured out a way to arrange and design a cohesive volume that ended up including over 100 works of art. I was endlessly inspired while working on this project, and am honored to have been able to have contributed to the creation of The Great White Whale is Black.