Day 15, Amsterdam and Amersfoort

The plan was to get up early and go into Amsterdam with Rory to see the Rijks Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. That plan was thwarted by my daughter's jet lag. She was up half the night, so our early departure was delayed until midday. We still managed to see a lot and enjoy a leisurely walk through town back to the train station. We saw the masters (Rembrandt, Vermeer, et al) at the Rijks Museum and then a really interesting de Stijl exhibition at the Stedelijk. This year is the 100-year anniversary of de Stijl, so many museums are participating in big retrospective exhibitions. From the Stedelijk's description:

"The Stedelijk presents the breadth of its collection of De Stijl, and explores relationships between the movement and the work of other artists in the museum’s holdings. Part of the 100 years of De Stijl program. The presentation examines different facets such as use of colour, the diagonal, purity, architecture and the dissemination of the movement. Works of De Stijl that powerfully convey this ideology are juxtaposed with work by post-war artists. De Stijl was clearly an inexorable certainty for successive generations. Some artists offer an inspired ode; others explore what De Stijl means today."

We also saw a Rineke Dijkstra exhibition of which we realized we had already seen a lot of the work in New York, but it's always good to see her work. In the evening when we got back to Amersfoort, we went out to dinner and had a walk through town. 


Day 14, Amsterdam

Sunday, June 11 (day 13 of my trip) was a much-needed day of rest for me. My family arrived from the U.S., and it was so wonderful to be reunited! We are staying with family friends in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, which is about 35 minutes outside of Amsterdam by train. Today we took the train into Amsterdam in the afternoon in order to have a look around. Here are some photos from today.

Day 12, Amsterdam

I spent the day wandering through Amsterdam, even though Calvin and Octavia didn't make it here. I first went to the Rembrandt House and Museum. In addition to seeing the house and museum as it would have been, there was an interesting exhibition of his etchings, in particular the famous portrait he made of his friend Jan Six. 

After the museum, I spent the afternoon wandering along the canals and through the various neighborhoods. There were so many tourists everywhere—definitely more than I noticed in Paris, and more than I am used to seeing in New York, as well. It was hard to escape them and find a quiet moment.