Day 23, Inveraray and Argyll

We woke up to a very rainy day, and while my original goal and desire for the day had been to take a boat trip to Inversnaid on the other side of Loch Lomond in order to hike into the Trossachs, perhaps finding traces of Rob Roy, we quickly decided that was a bad idea with a 20-month old in this weather. I did some research and found Inveraray Castle (seat of the Campbell clan, Duke and Duchess of Argyll), which was a short drive away and seemed much more manageable in the rain. While this itinerary was veering off-course from what my ancestors did, I did feel a bit better about it when I saw the Duchess of Argyll talking to the gardner on the castle grounds, perhaps reliving some of the royalty-spotting that Octavia was so fond of. 

We first drove into Inveraray and had lunch and walked around before going to the castle, which we later found out also had a starring role in Downton Abbey, as the castle of the Scottish relatives (aka Shrimpy's family).