Day 19, London

The main wish for today was to visit the Tate Modern, which we did. At the Tate, the permanent collection was thematically arranged, and I thought the Artist and Society exhibition was quite strong. Some images from that are included below. Afterwards, I wanted to be sure to visit St. Paul's Cathedral and to find Temple Bar, which is an old city gate separating the city of London from Westminster. It had been moved, but preserved, and is now located right next to St. Paul's Cathedral. The church bells at St. Paul's were deafening, so we took the #23 bus to Hyde Park to relax in the shade. 

Calvin's description of Temple Bar (in a letter to his wife):

"We came so far from our landing place to get out of the city as it is called, for the gate of Temple bar is the barrier between London proper or the city as it is called and Westminster. It spans the street that on the court side is called the Strand and on the other fleet street— and woe betide the claim to gentility that is found on the wrong side of Temple bar. Those below are called cockneys. Great ceremony is observed on Lord Mayors day at this place when he makes his splendid parade through the metropolis. We passed through [. . .] Victorias red coats tho’ they looked formidable stood quietly at their arms. Formerly the heads of great criminals, or those suspected by the king had their heads put up over this gate— now they do not cut off heads but give their great rogues pensions & titles to quiet them."