Day 20 + 21, Glasgow

We left London by train at 10:45am on Sunday, and by 4 pm we were in Glasgow. We passed through some beautiful countryside, including part of the Lakes district. Unfortunately I had to skip a couple of England stops that Calvin and Octavia made because of time constraints. (I skipped Coventry, Warwick, Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Berwick) I am glad to be able to spend 2 nights in Glasgow to get a better feel for the city. We checked into our hotel, and then took a walk around the central part of town to get our bearings. Since Calvin and Octavia didn't mention any specific landmarks here, I decided to use it as an opportunity to wander and see what catches my eye. 

Here is what Octavia did say about Glasgow:

"Arrived in Glasgow at dark. Streets well illuminated — Hotel B[. . .] Head. Monday, August 26: A great attraction at a tailor’s shop, 6 figures, Highland parade. Although Monday, we had sausages for breakfast and [. . .] preserved strawberries. Mingled with the crowd perambulating the streets and gazing at the shops. Made some purchases. Music store — engraving shop, good collection. Submitted to a good deal of elbowing. Glasgow sixth largest city in Great Isle out [?] to London. A day without adventure. Blues. Low spirits, out of sorts. A bad chicken pie for dinner — will chase “Too early in the week for anything good.” Saw a funeral procession, plumed horse..."